How to winterize your vehicles before winter arrives

By Jessica

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Winter is only a few weeks away and whether we like it or not we need to take certain steps to protect our cars and boats before the cold weather sets in. We asked an automotive service technician on JustAnswer the best way to protect our cars and boats in the winter months.

In terms of normal vehicle maintenance, you will need to decide whether you need to put on winter tires. Some of the winterizing you do to your car will be dependant on whether or not your vehicle runs on diesel or gas. Diesel vehicles can sometimes require a de-icer in the fuel and block warmer. If you have a car you are thinking about storing for the winter months, you should have the coolant tested to see if it needs to be changed before storage. You should make sure the washer fluid you have in the car won’t freeze or change it to a brand that has a type of de-icer fluid. Finally, it is always a good idea to perform any work that you would like to have completed before next season before winter sets in. That way you don’t have to take care of it once the cold sets in.

If you are a boat owner, the winterizing process will vary based on the motor. If you have a fresh water motor (closed system cooling) then you should check the coolant and if it is registering correct temperature specs it can be left alone as long as all water is drained from the exhaust and the leg. If your engine is raw water cooled, you will need to drain the block of all water and anything that has water in it, such a the leg/drive, exhaust, and engine. Proceed to flush with an enviro-safe coolant that is non-toxic. You should make sure to drain and flush any additional water systems on the boat. You should consider draining any standing water out of the hull in order to prevent expansion problems in case it freezes. Any additional maintenance such as tune ups, oil changes, fuel filter changes and overall vessel cleaning can be completed pre or post winter.

Taking the time to winterize your vehicles before the freeze comes can save you time and money come springtime. If you have additional questions about how to properly winterize your vehicles, there are Experts standing by waiting to speak with you. Ask Now >