How soon can my puppy go outdoors after her shots?

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Q: I have a 17-week-old puppy that has all of her shots. She finished her last round last week. Is it too soon to take hour out on walks? Or are the vaccines she got a week ago -- Lepto and rabies -- now effective, like the rest of her vaccines? She is so full of energy and really needs the walks!

A: I would wait at least 10 days after the last vaccination before allowing your pup around other unvaccinated dogs or in areas where potentially unvaccinated dogs may have been. It takes this long to achieve the desired immune response. Since this was the last round of shots, then she should be protected. However, there are a small percentage of dogs who are not protected even after having several vaccinations.

So your pup should be protected if 10 days have passed since her last vaccination. However, I have a breed that is prone to parvo and I give pups an additional vaccination at 18 weeks to help ensure immunity.

-- Answer from Jane Lefler, dog breeder and former veterinary assistant on JustAnswer

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