How to select an appropriate Valentine's Day gift

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Q: I'm coming up on the first Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, and I want to get him something that will show him how much I love him. But we're trying to take it slow, so what should I get him that will convey my love but won't look like I'm pushing it?

A: Whenever your relationship is at a point where you feel you need to hold back some of your feelings because you are taking it slowly, then you do not want to come on too strong. Giving a gift becomes a bit complicated because you want to show how you feel, yet you don't want to scare the person away.

To find a middle ground, you may want to stick to gifts that focus on what he likes, such as you would with a friend. Giving someone something that they enjoy that is totally about them makes the person happy and it shows that you care about them. For example, if he likes cars, a subscription to a favorite car magazine will remind him each month how much you care about him. The idea is to make the gift something special to him without making it about both of you. That way, you can still express your feelings, just in a different way.

-- Answer from Kate McCoy, a licensed counselor on JustAnswer.

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