How to replace an exhaust fan in a microwave

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Q: How do I replace a fan motor in a GE Spacemaker microwave? The exhaust fan is making a horrible screeching noise and I've ordered a replacement fan motor.

A: You would have to pull the unit off the wall by removing the screws inside the floor of the cabinet above the microwave, and make sure that someone is holding it beneath. When the screws are out, rock it forward and lift off the bracket in the rear.

Set the microwave on the floor; at the rear you will see the metal panel covering the fan. Remove the screws, then lift the panel off. Lift the fan out and unplug the wire harness.

When installing the new fan make sure the arrow on the side of the fan is pointing in the direction of the way you want it to blow (i.e., if you are venting through the front, point the arrow to the front; if through the roof, the arrow should be pointing up).

-- Answer from Mike A., an appliance repair Expert on JustAnswer.

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