How to keep your kids safe on Halloween

By Jessica

The fun of Halloween always seems to creep up right as the shorter days and colder weather arrive, helping us adjust to the winter that lies ahead. Arguably the most sugar loaded holiday of the year, Halloween is a day full of fun costumes and trick-or-treating. As you prepare to either take your child door to door or allow them to go unsupervised, we wanted to arm you with a few things to consider when thinking about the safety of your family on this frightfully delightful night.

1. Always remind your children to travel in a group and to stay with their family and friends at all times.

2. If older children are trick or treating without a parent this year, tell them to bring their cell phone just in case of an emergency situation.

3. Kids should carry their school ID with them in case of an emergency situation.

4. Make sure kids trick-or-treat in well-lit neighborhoods and only approach houses with the lights on.

5. Remind them to never enter a stranger’s home as all treats should be dispensed at the doorstep.

6. Be sure to bring a flashlight along if trick-or-treating after dark to alert motorists to your presence and have a clear view of the sidewalk ahead.

7. Incorporate reflectors into costumes or clothing so motorists can see your group crossing the street.

8. Stay on the sidewalk. If you must cross a street, always look both ways for oncoming traffic and be sure to use the crosswalks.

9. Never eat any unwrapped candy. Tell younger children to wait until they get home with their candy haul so you can look for any unusual goodies that should be removed.

10. Never approach an animal you do not know. A dog might seem friendly at first, but may be afraid of your costume or frightened by the loud noises made by other trick or treaters.

We wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!