How to fix a rear door hatch on a Ford Escape hybrid

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Q: I have a 2009 Ford Escape hybrid. The rear door hatch is not working. The glass opens fine on the button or from the key fob. The vehicle is unlocked and when I press the hatch release button I hear a slight click but nothing happens. The weird part for me is that if I have not used it for a while it will work only once.

A: This may be due to water intrusion into the switch connector, causing corrosion at the liftgate rear switch.

Try this: Remove the liftgate trim panel. Remove the 4 liftgate trim bezel nuts and remove the bezel from the liftgate. Closely inspect the liftgate release switch and harness connector pins for signs of water intrusion and/or corrosion. If any evidence is present, you'll need replacement parts.

Both the connector and the switch will need to be replaced with:

Switch assembly (Part # 1L2Z-14018-AC)
Pigtail wiring kit (Part # 3U2Z-14S411-BXAA)

The cost should be around $150 for both. For a picture of what you are looking for in the connector, click here.

-- Answer from Steve Doran, master Ford technician on JustAnswer.

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