How do I tactfully exclude kids from my wedding?

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Q: I would like to not have children at my wedding. What is a respectful way to say this in the invitation? I might consider providing an alternative (i.e. someone who can watch the kids).

A: You can start by simply putting right on the invitation in the greeting: "You have been cordially invited to an adult-only wedding and reception..." or something to that effect.

Or, you can put the request on your RSVP cards. Include a small statement, such as, "At the couple's request, this will be an adult-only celebration." Whatever you do, don't write anything like "no children allowed" because that can sound a little insensitive.

What you could also think about is having an area designated for children and having a few attendants just for them. You can be creative and fun, and couples may even thank you giving them a breather.

This idea is normal and more of a trend than you might think. For some it comes down to budget. But having an adult-only wedding is one of the first things I often ask my new clients, especially if the wedding is going to be outside.

-- Answer from Adraina R. Parsons, a certified wedding planner on JustAnswer.

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