How to Choose a Vet

By Jessica

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Most of us treat our pets as we would family, meaning that when it is time to find a vet, you want to choose the best possible option. Thanks to the amount of customer reviews, articles and star ratings out there on the internet, selecting a new vet can be a daunting task. We asked Dr. Deb, a Veterinarian on JustAnswer, to weigh in on how to select the best vet for your pet.

#1 - Ask your pet loving neighbors for recommendations. Don’t know your neighbors? You can join sites like that connect you with other people in your neighborhood. These sites are great for nearby recommendations and referrals. Additionally, you could reach out to boarding and grooming facilities in the area and ask for suggestions. The employees at these establishments usually have a good sense of the better vets in the area versus the ones you want to avoid. These people may not say anything negative about a practice, but they will, most likely, say positive things about the ones they suggest.

#2 -Once you have a place in mind, schedule a preliminary visit to determine how friendly the staff are, what sort of waiting room arrangement is available to separate contact between dogs and cats, as well as to get a “feel” for the environment and atmosphere.

#3 - Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the practice. You will want to find out how many vets are employed, how long they’ve been practicing, how they handle emergencies and their standard operating hours. If you have a pet with special needs, verify their staff has worked with similar issues before.

Regardless of how you go about selecting your vet you should feel that you can adequately communicate with and trust your new provider. In addition, watch your pet the first few times you bring them in to make sure they feel comfortable at the new practice. This may not happen on the first visit, as change can be tough for pets but their comfort should be something that continues to grow each time they visit.

Good luck in the hunt for your new veterinarian. If you have additional questions about selecting the right veterinarian for your pet, Veterinarian Experts on JustAnswer can help. Ask Now >