How can I see current episodes of 'Ice Road Truckers'?

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Q: Where can I watch current episodes of "Ice Road Truckers"? I am speaking of the latest several shows, and I do not want to pay for this since I must watch all their commercials. I have DISH Network. Where do I go from here?

A: The History channel allows you to watch full episodes, as all you need to do is verify online you get the station via cable or satellite.

If your provider is not included in the dropdown list, the site says to keep checking back as they are adding providers all the time. You might want to contact DISH directly to ask them when History will be available.

There are other sites that offer this service for free (watching online), but I would stay away, as many can damage your computer. The authorized site to watch is with History, so check with DISH to see when you can watch on your computer.

-- Answer from Michael R., an entertainment and research specialist on JustAnswer.

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