Great mattress choice if you have back pain

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This is a guest post from Eric M. Bright, remodeling Expert on JustAnswer.

I often get asked for mattress recommendations, and here’s my answer: If you suffer from back pain, the absolute best solution for your situation also happens to be the best bed and mattress system made.
You are looking for what they call The Sleep Number System by Select Comfort.

First off, it is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I bought ours 15 years ago after I injured my back. They incorporate an air system adjustable from very soft to very firm. It is NOT AT ALL like you might think an air mattress feels. It feels just like a top of the line regular mattress.
In the Queen and King size beds, you can get one where the left and right sides are each independently adjustable. This has allowed me at 210 lbs to have a different firmness than my wife at 105 lbs. I have often thought that this may just have saved our marriage! If your back is hurting especially bad one night, you can change the firmness. If you wake up at 4 am and say to yourself, “Hmmmm I wish my mattress was just a little softer,” you can change the firmness!
Some better hotels have recently gone to using them in their hotel rooms. So when I travel, I look to stay in a Radisson or at certain Hilton hotels. What that achieves is the ability for me to adjust the bed to the same sleep number as I sleep on at home, so when I lay down it feel as though I am sleeping in my own bed at home!
My wife and I started on one about 15 years ago and in the years since, we have purchased one for each of my three daughters and for my Dad.
Here is the Sleep Number website.
If you wind up buying one, keep in mind that it might take several tries to find your perfect "sleep number." The best way I have found to do this is to try it the first night at 50 and then adjust up or down accordingly, trying different settings each night until you find your perfect firmness setting.