Get your DVR working properly for the Olympics

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Like many people, if you have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), you will probably be recording some of the Olympic events.  But DVRs can come with their own set of hassles, and sometimes problems come up when you’re trying to save to a DVR.

If you’re currently dealing with DVR problems, talk with a verified electrician on JustAnswer to easily get your issue resolved, or read below for a few commonly answered questions by technicians on JustAnswer; you might find your answer below.

How do I connect cables to a Blue Ray DVR Player, to a TV with HDMI Cables?

To set up a DVR- from the DVR box:

Use the HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI output on the DVR.

Connect HDMI 1 input from DVR to the TV; DVR is now connected.

Connect other HDMI cable from the blue ray player to the input HDMI2 on the TV. For the audio, connect blue ray HDMI audio output.


What can cause a DVR to have signal related issues and why does it not allow a few programs to be recorded?

Depending on the manufacturer, DVRs will usually have built in receivers or a separate set-up box needs to be provided to receive DVB signals.

When a separate set up box is connected, many times not all programs can be recorded since there could be restrictions imposed by the broadcast company (TV Station) and the copyright protection of the program/material. There are embedded signals that could be detected and prevent recording.

If the TV program allows recording, then a timed/scheduled recording is possible by leaving the set-top-box turned on and tuned to whatever channel the TV program would be aired.


How do I monitor my DVR via computer/ Smartphone?

DVRs can be monitored by connecting the router via a cable. Once the unit is wired to the router, in most of the cases, the unit will get an IP address on the network that is used, from that, you can monitor from the computer. Not all DVRs have the ability to be monitored from your smartphone. Check with the service operator for accessibility options.


The remote has stopped working even though the batteries have been replaced, why isn’t the DVR responding?

It might be worth trying a factory reset of the unit, it could be a problem related to firmware corruption. Make sure the player is turned on, press and hold STOP on the DVR and press STANDBY/OFF. This will reset all settings to defaults, and may clear the issue. If this does not fix the situation it is very possible that you have a faulty IR receiver.