Expert recommendations for laptops under $500

By Tom Musbach

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Q: Can you recommend a good laptop and printer to go with it? I'm not a computer expert, and I'll basically use the computer for email and using the Internet.

A: My favorite brands are HP and Lenovo in terms of design, reliability, and performance. Check out the links below:

HP's "everyday computing" category is what you'll want to stick to. With HP, there's no need to spend more than $500 on their laptops (before tax, shipping, upgrades, etc.). A larger screen will mean a bit more bulk and weight, but 15.6" is a very comfortable display size on a laptop. I'd probably get that size from HP.

For Lenovo, I'd recommend at least a 15" screen. Lenovo's IdeaPad series is great for pretty much anything -- watching videos, working on documents, playing games, or Web browsing. I would stick within that range, although the "Essential" would probably be able to handle most tasks but would probably struggle a bit if you were to run a lot of programs simultaneously.

When it comes to printers, any printer works with any Windows computer, basically. Top brands are usually HP and Epson. You can look at the top-rated CNET-reviewed printers.  They range from color all-in-ones to monochrome laser printers, which I'm rather partial to. 

-- Answer provided by Frederick S., computer technician on JustAnswer.

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