Can I wear white to a bride's second wedding?

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Q: Can I wear white to a wedding? It's a second marriage for both parties, on a Friday evening with the ceremony and reception at a golf club. I am thinking a white pant suit with green silk cami and coordinating accessories.

A: No! In this day and age, when brides are wearing white for the fourth marriage, they do not want anyone else wearing white on their big day.  You can wear cream, ivory, off white, black-and-white and any other combination. But never wear a majority of white unless you talk to the bride and get her approval.

Your white suit and accessories sound beautiful, but the bride will more than likely be offended and will talk about it for years to come. If you are good friends with the bride, just ask her. If you are not good friends with her but are a friend of the groom, please don't even take the chance of upsetting anyone.

The risk is the bride telling her matron of honor, and she will tell someone else, and then all of a sudden you are the center of attention and in the wrong place at the wrong time instantly.

-- Answer from Renee S., a wedding planner on JustAnswer.

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