Can I give ibuprofen or aspirin to a pig in pain?

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Q: Can I give a pot-bellied pig ibuprofen, or is a buffered aspirin better?

A: I am sorry to tell you that human NSAID medications like ibuprofen, Tylenol and even aspirin can be toxic to your young pig.  The ibuprofen can cause liver and kidney issues as well as cause ulceration to the stomach. Even aspirin can cause stomach ulcers and bleeding problems.

The best situation would be to contact your vet and see if he or she can prescribe medication like Rimadyl or Metacam, which are approved for use in pot-bellied pigs and will give your pet the relief he needs with fewer side effects.  Your vet will do some blood work to check kidney and liver function before starting a prescription medication to assure safety.

-- Answer from Joan Vokes, a veterinary technician on JustAnswer.

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