The best slow-motion camcorder at a good price

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Q: I'm looking for a good camcorder with cheap price but that's also good in making slow-motion shots. What do you recommend?

A: This one has slow motion and still stop motion: Samsung HMX-QF20 Flash Memory HD Digital Video Camcorder. It has 1080i Full HD recording.

One thing lefties and righties can agree on is that the streamlined and compact QF20 with Switch Grip II was made for both. Because no matter in which hand it's held, the camcorder's LCD screen will adjust to ensure that the picture is shown right-side up.

With built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can share any special and exciting videos on the move. Send videos by uploading to Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket, or email directly from the camcorder. You can also upload them to YouTube then sit back and wait for the rave reviews.

-- Answer from James W., electronics specialist on JustAnswer.

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