The best adhesive for a wall border

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Q: I am having trouble getting a wall border to stick. I've tried regular wallpaper paste and Elmer's glue, and nothing seems to work. What do you recommend?

A: I've encountered this issue before and wound up finally having success by using 3M Super 77 spray contact cement. The Home Depot sells it. You need to make sure the wall and paper are both fully dry before application; there are instructions on the can.

A caution I will offer, however, is that once you prepare both surfaces with the spray glue, you need to make sure that you position the boarder perfedtly the first time, because once the two sections contact each other, they bond permanently and cannot be separated without destroying the paper.

For whatever reason, sometimes wallpaper paste just does not stick to the wall.

-- Answer from Eric M. Bright, remodeling contractor on JustAnswer.

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