Are there guidelines for planning a second wedding?

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Q: I am a widow trying to plan my second marriage. The children are grown and happy for me. We are having a civil ceremony with an intimate dinner of 10. What are the guidelines? What should my attire be? Is it OK to have my best friend -- not my sister -- be a witness? Any help would be appreciated.

A: Congratulations on your wedding. In such small weddings there are no strict guidelines.

You can wear a nice coat and skirt, a cocktail dress or long dress, whichever color you like best. A small bouquet is also acceptable. Veil is not necessary, only if you would like it.

Your best friend as your witness is absolutely fine. It's your decision, and your sister should understand. About gifts, it's common to request no gifts, but expect that you still might get some presents independently.

-- Answer from Timea Varga-Kovacs, a wedding planner on JustAnswer.
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