Access to Justice Fundraiser at JustAnswer

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JustAnswer was excited to host a recent fundraiser for, a national nonprofit organization working to make the civil legal system more affordable and accessible at our San Francisco headquarters.

For the past ten years, JustAnswer has aimed to make legal information and services more available to more people.  Tom Gordon, one of the nation’s leading experts on access to the legal system and Executive Director of ResponsiveLaw, has been working to open the legal system through better access to online information, championing innovation in law, and promoting competition with traditional legal services. “Affordable help with legal issues should be accessible to everyone in their times of need; today’s technology makes this possible,” says Emily Porter, JustAnswer’s General Counsel.

Mr. Gordon and Ms. Porter were joined at the event by several of the new who’s who of American legal help providers: from LegalZoom, UpCounsel, LawHelp Manager, and, as well as law professors and members of JustAnswer's Quality Advisory Board.

We agree with Mr. Gordon that “the future of expanded legal services and access to justice is no longer a matter of IF, but WHEN."  JustAnswer hopes to play a part in creating the future “where legal help is not a luxury item, where people can access lawyers whenever and wherever they need to.” envisions Porter. This will undoubtedly involve some changes to the way that legal services are regulated, consumed and provided in America.
If you would like to learn more about Responsive Law and its mission, or would like to get more involved in this vital access to justice movement, please visit its website at or contact [email protected]