5 steps to reset your Samsung Galaxy phone

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Q: My daughter has a Samsung GT-S5830 phone and has forgotten her pin number. How can we reset it?

A: The only way to remove the password is to reset the device. This is going to delete all your data and return it to new. (There is no way to avoid this.)

To reset it:

1 - Remove the battery and put it back in so it is completely off. Then press and hold the power and menu key for few seconds until you enter the restore menu.
2 - After the menu appears choose "wide data/factory reset."
3 - Select "yes" and your phone will be restored to default. After finish, choose "reboot now."
4 - It will restart. It takes a few minutes until complete.
5 - The phone is now as new, and the pin removed.

NOTE: Use menu key to select, and use the volume up-down to choose the menu.

-- Answer from Richie M., a smartphone specialist on JustAnswer.

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