4 stress relievers to curb your dog's fear of storms

By Tom Musbach

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Large storms like Hurricane Sandy can stress out dogs, adding even more anxiety for your household.

But you can calm your dog through a few low-dose sedatives and other products, as two veterinarians on JustAnswer recommend below.

Valium. "Valium is a very good medication to use for dogs that have fears and anxiety due to storms," said Dr. Matt. "The typical dose is about 0.1 to 0.25 mg per pound every 12 hours."

The drug is available by prescription, so you'd have to contact your local vet. See this information sheet for more details on valium in dogs.

Benadryl. Dr. Zoe, another veterinarian on JustAnswer, says this over-the-counter drug can help make your dog drowsy. She recommends trying Benadryl (diphenhydramine) at 1 mg per pound every 8 hours.

DAP collar. This non-pharmaceutical option is a calming collar for dogs that you can buy at pet stores or online retailers. "It releases natural dog pheromones that can help relax your dog in a variety of situations," said Dr. Matt.

Stress Away. This supplement, made by Vet Classics, is available over-the-counter in pet stores. It contains L-tryptophan, which is the ingredient in turkey that makes people tired after Thanksgiving.

"I use [Stress Away] on my dog for storm anxiety, and it works like a charm," Dr. Zoe said.

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