Is the 2007 Dodge Charger a good used-car buy?

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Q: My son is ready to buy his first car, and I'm wondering if it's a good idea for him to get a 2007 Dodge Charger SE/SXT sedan 4-door with 95K miles on it for $12,500. He's 24 and his hourly job pays almost double the minimum wage; I'm worried about breakdowns, mileage, and costs of maintenance.

A: I am also an extended warranty inspector, and I have to inspect these vehicles often. These cars have transmission issues, major front suspension issues, and the valve train has major issues. This would not be the vehicle he is going to want to own. It will cost in terms of repairs and maintenance.

If he still does want to buy that car, get an extended warranty on it; however anything pre-existing won't be covered.

Alternate options: one of the newer Chevy Camaros would be a good buy used; they hold up pretty well with limited work being done. Also the Ford Mustang GT with the 4.6 motor holds up maintenance-wise. Of course something like a Toyota would be the best as far as longer lasting trouble-free vehicles.

-- Answer from Mike Kelly, auto mechanic on JustAnswer.

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