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Dr. Michael Salkin
Dr. Michael Salkin, Veterinarian
Category: Bird Veterinary
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Experience:  University of California at Davis graduate veterinarian with 45 years of experience
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I have been treating my chicken for several weeks - his eye

Customer Question

I have been treating my chicken for several weeks - his eye gets filled with gunk and he can't open - it looks like he has hard white substance in corner of eye - I have been able to remove it daily and have been applying vetrx around the eye - but it is not improving - please help what can I do
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Bird Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Michael Salkin replied 1 month ago.

You're speaking with Dr. Michael Salkin. Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm currently typing up my reply. Please be patient. This may take a few minutes.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Hello I was charged and have not got any sort of answer
Expert:  Dr. Michael Salkin replied 1 month ago.

I'm sorry that your question wasn't answered in a timely manner. The main considerations in such a chicken are a foreign body or non-healing trauma causing a persistent infection in that eye and infection in the infraorbital sinus that has extended into his eye. An avian vet ( would thoroughly examine the eye to see if a foreign body (including eye worms) or trauma were present. A sinus infection usually will cause swelling under the eye and there should be a history of respiratory signs - sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, e.g. For such an infection, a systemic antibiotic will be needed but you're necessarily constrained to injectable tylosin in the form of Tylan-50 available in your local feed store or online. This is dosed into the breast muscle daily for 5-7 days at a dose of 5-15 mg per pound of body weight.

For the eye, it would be prudent to begin treating with over the counter Terramycin ophthalmic ointment which you can find in some feed stores or online such as here: Dosing is a dab of ointment thrice daily for a minimum of 10 consecutive days. This ointment contains two antibiotics - polymyxin-B and oxytetracycline which should be more effective than the VetRx. Please respond with further questions or concerns if you wish.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I have removed a large white solid object from his eye daily it is always in the inside corner - approx half the size of my pinky nail - originally I thought it was from fighting with another rooster - then I thought pink eye - I'm just not sure - worm eye would be stringy correct - my silkies are free range and do have access to my horses and goats manure pile - I love this bird and have been trying to doctor him for weeks - I just ordered the opthamalic ointment and will try that - I also just bought today an eye spray from tractor supply should I try that as well ?
Expert:  Dr. Michael Salkin replied 1 month ago.

I believe that that solid object is inspissated (dried out) pus. Correct, the eye worm would look like threads. I'm pleased to hear that you'll see how the Terramycin affects the eye. Please tell me the active ingredient in that spray so I can advise properly.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Hypochlorousacod and sodium hypochlorite
Expert:  Dr. Michael Salkin replied 1 month ago.

These are disinfectants rather than antibiotics. You needn't use the spray.