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Dr. Michael Salkin
Dr. Michael Salkin, Veterinarian
Category: Bird Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 29738
Experience:  University of California at Davis graduate veterinarian with 45 years of experience
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I have new to me chickens , some 7 weeks and a rooster and

Customer Question

i have new to me chickens , some 7 weeks and a rooster and hen one year. They are pooping blood and we started giving them piperazine in their water last night should I be concerned or will it just take time to get better?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bird Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Michael Salkin replied 1 year ago.

Piperazine is smart in case roundworms are present but the presence of blood in their poop is more indicative of coccidia than roundworms. These birds should be treated with over the counter amprolium (Corid) as per the label which should effectively treat coccidia. Ideally, an avian vet (please see here: should perform a fecal ova and parasite exam in an attempt to clarify which parasites are present but I understand that you might not have such a vet available to you. Please respond with further questions or concerns if you wish.