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Dr. Michael Salkin
Dr. Michael Salkin, Veterinarian
Category: Bird Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 28543
Experience:  University of California at Davis graduate veterinarian with 45 years of experience
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Our cockatiel is 19 and last night had 3 seizures seemed to

Customer Question

Our cockatiel is 19 and last night had 3 seizures seemed to be paralyzed on one side after about an hour of being kept warm and cuddling him he suddenly perked up and was able to fly and stand he then fell and has suffered a few more seizures is not eating or drinking anything we can do
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bird Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Michael Salkin replied 1 year ago.

I'm sorry that your question wasn't answered in a timely manner. I know that you understand that Peeka who is long past life expectancy is critically ill. You're necessarily constrained to heating up his environment to 85F by means of a 100W bulb shined into his partially covered cage (not at night when he needs to rest) or by taping a heating pad set on its lowest setting to the sides of his cage. Pleaseremove his perches and put his food and water on the bottom of the cage along with him. Add a water soluble avian vitamin such as Oasis brand to his water at half of the recommended dose so as not to make his water distasteful. Add a calcium supplement such as Calcivet or Calciboost to his water. These supplements are available in pet/feed stores. Avoid over the counter antibiotics designed to be placed in his water. They won't be effective if only because an ill bird won't drink enough to medicate itself properly. Ideally, an avian vet (please see here: should take a look at Peeka but I admit that his prognosis is grave and the stress of such a visit may not be advisable. Seizures at his age are often stroke-or neoplasia (cancer)-related and we don't have effective treatments for either.

May I have an update on Peeka, please?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Still sitting quietly,not accepting food or fluids occasional seizure just keeping him warm and calm we know this is the end Thankyou for response
Expert:  Dr. Michael Salkin replied 1 year ago.

Thank you. Your pragmatism is appreciated.

Expert:  Dr. Michael Salkin replied 1 year ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about Peeka. How is everything going?
Dr. Michael Salkin