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Joan, Vet Technician
Category: Bird Veterinary
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Experience:  Vet Tech for 35+yrs. Small Animals and Fish
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Yesterday my Budgie flew into the hanging fly paper strip,

Customer Question

Yesterday my Budgie flew into the hanging fly paper strip, he completely flipped out and before I could get to him he managed to rip off a good amount of his feathers on the fly paper, he had no rudder feathers left and all his tiny downy feathers were ripped off. I was trying to get him free and peel the fly paper off of him very slowly and gently and he was biting me like I did it on purpose, very hard. I immediately washed him with dawn dish soap but because he had soap on his talons he kept trying to walk around on my hand and was slipping off my hand and falling the inch or two down to the bottom of the sink and started biting me like he thought I was hurting him on purpose.. I've read that you're not supposed to bathe your parakeets that it could be traumatic for them. But I thought the Dawn would be enough and by the time he was dry again I saw that all his feathers were still sticky and matted and it really effected his balance and made it a struggle for him to walk around on top of his cage and his poop was extremely watery. There's a mirror right next to the cage so he saw what he looked like. He stood there still for a while with his eyes closed and then he kind of went to the side of the cage and hung on the side wall of the cage and stayed there for a minute and then just let go and let himself fall onto the floor. I did more reading and saw about the vegetable oil and immediately ran out and bought that and came home and rubbed it into his feathers all over his body and rinsed him and then washed him with the Dawn again because I read you have to wash the oil out after otherwise it will effect his ability to keep warm. But by the time I began washing him with the oil he just laid there with his eyes closed and didn't bother keeping his head up, just left it fall and dangle where ever. I tried by best to support his head like you do a newborn. I finished washing him and coiled up a bath towel and laid him in the middle like a nest, he just laid there with his eyes closed. He was still breathing. I thought because the amount of stress he was just trying to rest until the next morning. I went into the bathroom and took a shower and when I got out he wasn't breathing anymore. He was very stiff. I poked him, I shook his body with my thumb and index finger. He died. What happened?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bird Veterinary
Expert:  Joan replied 1 year ago.


Sorry you had to wait. The question was just transfered over to me for assistance. My name is ***** ***** I have been a Vet tech for 30+ years. I suspect the stress of being caught in the Fly strip, started a downward spiral causing his heart to give out. Birds do not deal well with stress and the heart beat and pulse is much more rapid than ours. Struggling with the Fly strip started a burst of adrenelin and started to put a strain on the heart. The nest sequences of events continued to tax the heart, between the two cleanings and the falls. You did everything possible to help Eagle, but unfortunately Birds are very sensitive to situations as as things in their surroundings. The only way to have a positive reason for the Death would be to have a Necropsy done by a Veterinary Pathologist. I am sorry for the loss. I hope this adds some closure for you. If I have addressed your concerns, Please take a moment to Rate my Service 5 Stars.