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We woke up a couple of days ago to find small colored bugs

Customer Question

hi, we woke up a couple of days ago to find small white colored bugs or mites all over my green conure's water dish and cage. I bought some spray for the bird at petsmart and sprayed her but she is now itching like crazy. threw all her toys out and disinfected the cage but saw about 5 of then today. she seemed out of it after i sprayed her and I'm afraid i'm doing more harm than good. please help, colleen
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Bird Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Pat replied 2 years ago.

That is awful.

Collect the bugs so someone can identify them. If they are poultry mites, they live in the environment and not on the bird, and sprays will not work. OTC sprays can be dangerous and irritating to the birds, many have carriers that are toxic ( the "non-active" ingredients).

Give her a shower to get rid of as much of the spray as you can, she is having a very bad reaction and that is the first step. Then make an appointment with a good, bird experienced vet to take a look at her and to identify the mites. move her cage to a different part of the house. The mites live in the environment during the day and feed on the bird at night, so you are going to need to treat the house.

If she is feeling very bad, move the bird to a box or carrier with soft towels in the bottom, no perch, and food and water in low bowls that can be reached easily. Put the whole thing on a heating pad on low or medium. Check it frequently, no overheating allowed! Keep the unit partially covered, warm and quiet. White paper towels or white cloth towels will show the true color of the droppings. Small animal/reptile boxes are great for this purpose.

The bird, bowls and unit must be kept very clean.

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