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Dr. Pat
Dr. Pat, Bird Veterinarian
Category: Bird Veterinary
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My goose is sick, isn't eating, eyes are droopy. He still

Customer Question

My goose is sick, isn't eating, eyes are droopy. He still walks around alittle bit but mostly stays in his shed. He is drinking some water. He is a Chinese Crested Goose and his neck is also bent not straight as usual.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Bird Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Pat replied 2 years ago.
Where are you located, and what has the climate/weather been like? I assume he is 15 years old? Can you tell me more about the bird?​How long has this been going on? any previous medial problems?How long have you had him?Any accidents or trauma?Interactions with other birds/pets/children/guests?What is the usual diet? has it changed recently?Has the bird gotten into anything? This is an emergency and you should try to find a vet that has bird experience and who has worked with geese before. There are a lot of possibilities and they need to be sorted in order to give him appropriate treatment. It could be anything from foreign object ingestion to toxins to infection, all which have distinct treatment plans. Geese are very good patients and it is easy to collect appropriate lab samples. In the meantime, he can stay in his shed. Make certain he has plenty of fresh water at all times. He should be on goose-specific pellets or crumbles and have a large try of leafy salad greens. He should be on fresh clean GRASS HAY (not straw) that is kept clean. If the shed is big enough, or space just outside, an inexpensive kiddie wading pool can be used for swimming and bathing. it needs to be kept very clean as well.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Dr. Pat, I live in the Santa Cruz Mts in between Los Gatos, CA and Santa Cruz, CA. The weather has gotten hotter this week, but only in the 80's with nights that will cool down to 45 to 50 degrees. This goose is a rescue goose that I have had for about 4 years now. I was told that he was about 18 years old when I took him in, but I'm not convinced that he was that old. He is loose in my vegetable garden during the day which has a very large covered pen in it that has a chicken coop , duck pool and alot of room to roam. My chickens and 2 geese go in this at night and are then let out into the fenced in vegetable garden during the day. I use no poisons or chemicals in my garden. Could he have ingested a plant that was toxic? Maybe...He seems to have a hard time with his neck, like maybe he injured it but he is also not eating, drinking some but just kind of standing there by the water dish. I put him in the pool this am and he paddled around but was unable to dunk his head as they usually do which makes me wonder if it could be his neck. I have given him some baby Tylenol and I started him on some baytril this morning and will see if he responds to that at all. I started the Tylenol yesterday thinking if he was soar that would help...not much difference today. He has not been himself for about 5 days now.
Expert:  Dr. Pat replied 2 years ago.
Discontinue the Tylenol. It can be very toxic in birds. There are a number of good bird vets in your area. I suggest an exam and radiographs. When you palpate or manipulate the neck, is he painful or rluctant to move it? Is there anything jammed or caught in his mouth?