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Is avian pox transmittable to humans and are eggs safe to

Resolved Question:

Is avian pox transmittable to humans and are eggs and meat safe to eat while infected?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Bird Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your question.

No, avian pox is not transmissible to humans. Pox is very species specific ie. there are many different types of avian pox (fowl pox, canary pox, pigeon pox). The chicken pox that affects humans has nothing do with chickens if that is what you are concerned about.

The meat and eggs are not a problem to consume. However, you need to handle the infected chicken(s) carefully. You could contaminate surfaces or spread the virus to other chickens so you need to not handle other chickens after handling thei infected ones, and make sure your disinfect the area where the affected chickens were thoroughly.

There is a vaccine for fowl pox also so I would recommend you vaccinate your young chicks if you have any.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks for using JA.

Dr. G
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