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How do you catch a full grown domestic goose located in an

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How do you catch a full grown domestic goose located in an outside pen? My neighbor has one with what looks like a cat tail weed in one of its nose holes. I'd like to help him out but the only animal I've ever caught was my dog trying to get out the gate.



Thanks for using, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.


Geese are not very nice birds and need to be taken seriously. Geese will try pecking, biting, hitting you with their wings, and once you grab them they'll try to scratch with the nails at the ends of their webbed feet. Once you get the goose cornered (trial and error is the only thing to try here) then grab it by the neck just under then head. Then with your other hand grab the body like a football and try to keep both folded wings pinned to the body. Feel free to hold it to the ground (feet trapped and wings pinned) while removing the object form the nose. You can grasp firmly around the neck since you can't choke birds like humans. If you grab too tight around the body that is when they have trouble breathing. That's the best way I can describe how to hold a goose. Getting it cornered can be difficult to impossible and you may need help. If it has the possibility of flying away you may never catch it.


Dr. Dan

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