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I have a chicken with an injured leg. No signs of cuts or wounds

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I have a chicken with an injured leg. No signs of cuts or wounds but she cant put any weight on it and on the brief moment that she does stand hold it up with the foot quite limp. She is sitting on it practically all the time. I have fed her and she will eat.
She may have a fractured femur, or other part of the leg. You need to keep her confined and separate from the rest of the flock. Move the bird to an aquarium, box or carrier with soft towels in the bottom, no perch, and food and water in low bowls that she can reach easily. Put the whole thing on a heating pad on low or medium. Keep her partially covered, warm and quiet. The best plan would be to have a vet examine her. You can palpate the leg, and obvious fractures are easy to feel. However some fractures of the femur, hip pelvis or spine are very difficult to palpate. If you give her supportive care, and it is a trauma and not an infection or other disease, she may be able to recover function, It will likely take 2-3 weeks, so prepare to be a chicken nurse for a while.
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