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I'm in search of some dietary information having to do with

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I'm in search of some dietary information having to do with energy and mental acuity. I am a 64 year old man in very good health. I am also a very busy professional actor. I do three, four, or five major acting jobs a year. Coming up in two weeks I go into rehearsal for the play SLEUTH. I'm playing the role Lawrence Olivier played in the film. It mis a massive assignment in every possible ways. I have been dieting recently to lose just about 10 pounds...I currently weight 163. I sometimes get a strong energy drop that makes me a little lightheaded. I've recently had a full checkup and my blood work is excellent. I was just wondering if you can suggest certain foods or supplements that help with maintaining good energy.


The lightheaded feeling is mostly due to drop in blood sugar levels, considering your busy schedule ad diet regimen. The ideal option would be to carry some snacks, which you can eat in between meals. Some of the options are

- bananas

- nuts like almonds and walnuts

- roasted chickpeas

- veggies like carrots sticks and sliced peppers with hummus

- sweet potato smoothie

- pop corn

- trail mix i.e. mixture of nuts with dried fruit.

The key is to not go hungry for a long time and to snack in between

Hope this information is helpful


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