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I can't find any information regarding the deadline to

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I can't find any information regarding the deadline to respond to a written deposition under Fed. Rule of Civ. P. 31. Where is this information? Does it matter if the deponent is a party in the case or non party?How much time does a non party have to respond to a request for production of documents? Where is this information its not mentioned under rule 45?I have a monthly subscription, but if you want me to create multiple question forms, I will do that.

Thanks for your question on federal civil procedure.

The rule is 14 days.


(B) Objections. A person commanded to produce documents or tangible things or to permit inspection may serve on the party or attorney designated in the subpoena a written objection to inspecting, copying, testing or sampling any or all of the materials or to inspecting the premises—or to producing electronically stored information in the form or forms requested. The objection must be served before the earlier of the time specified for compliance or 14 days after the subpoena is served. If an objection is made, the following rules apply:

(i) At any time, on notice to the commanded person, the serving party may move the court for the district where compliance is required for an order compelling production or inspection.

(ii) These acts may be required only as directed in the order, and the order must protect a person who is neither a party nor a party's officer from significant expense resulting from compliance"

You have 14 days to file motion objection to the production.

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