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I am question in regards to my home that I was elected I

Customer Question

I am question in regards ***** ***** home that I was elected for him I asked a lot of questions about this home to your attorneys and they have been wonderful. Into thousand and nine I was diagnosed with cancer and asked for a medical forbearance on my home loan the address if you want to look this up this might be helpful in Larimer county Colorado is*****, Loveland, CO 80538. I was granted the forbearance which is you pay for payments so that you're not late one payment.
I paid for payment and then of course you receive a set of documents almost like an modification you sign and then you continue on your payments. I did not receive my documents upon the date of June when I was supposed to receive them I called they of course said I missed two out of my four payments.
After they discovered Wells Fargo discovered they made an error I sent my payments Western Union thing goodness I was able to prove to the 34 phone calls that yes I made my payments and yes they can put them in their data system incorrectly. This was in June it was approaching December and they had not came across any resolution for me so I went to an attorney I was told it would be best to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy was a great idea because yes he gave me what I now know called a protective arm but unfortunately it wasn't a necessity that I did that because Wells Fargo upon the foreclosure sold it to US Bank national Association for Sasco trust RF4.
Wells Fargo was paid in full by U.S. Bank and this trust this trust was now own oddly on my papers that they sent me from Larimer County in Colorado the Lehman Brothers. And as we all know the Lehman Brothers file bankruptcy and mine falls under The Lehman bankruptcy filed 2010 lower New York I do have a copy of and my Sasco trust 2006 RF4 is clearly listed. During the transition of me getting my home back when US Bank purchased the loan from Wells Fargo when it was Wells Fargo's mistake I filed chapter 13 Wells Fargo was also trying to get the deed back from US Bank which now I know why they did not get it back is because it was in the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers. So after research and years here I was able to find some information that Wells Fargo basically created a contract between me and them on the basis that I owed them for my home that they had the deed and title and I was under the chapter 13 bankruptcy I can't pain and 11 months into my bankruptcy not knowing because my attorney did not clearly explained to me that if the bank calls meaning Wells Fargo calls me and wants to offer me a modification I can do anything and if I do keep making those mortgage payments regardless and always make your payments to the trustee which I did but when Wells Fargo called me and I did not make the mortgage payment not knowing what would happen. Inow have letters from the Attorney General that clearly state that Wells Fargo admits their air in the 2009 foreclosure and that the loan should have never been sold to US Bank NA or Sasco trust and then also I have a letter fromWells Fargo as well to the Attorney General here in Colorado stating that they were offering me Michelle Pardo on my home on Harding Drive a modification during my chapter 13 bankruptcy but never planned to do that they lead me on for more than a year asking me for paperwork asking me for things telling me I needed this I didn't qualify for that the same we would all expect from someone who was not going to give me a modification but oddly to admit it in a letter to the attorney general that's pretty huge then to finally say that they lead me on and put me in foreclosure and took my home from Me. Looking at the Larimer County records I built my home is 1998 then I divorce there we need just a quick claim deed I refinanced it into thousand and two then I refinanced it in 2006. So into thousand and nine is when I asked for the forbearance that's when all this happened to me and then 2011 when they asked me for lowering my interests while I was in a chapter 13 and then of course the foreclosure. Most importantly throughout all of this all the way up till January of this year I paid all the utilities so I've tried to approach this matter by myself without a lot of money of course and not many attorneys around here understand all this crap literately but for some reason it was brought to my attention in Colorado if you pay utilities for over two years in a home there's a squatters law I paid the utilities the last bill just two days ago and I brought it to the attention of the city of Loveland for the electricity why am I paying utilities for a home that I cannot live in and they asked the same question and finally tried to figure out who to contact and what to do. In the beginning it was August when I was moved out for a second time of my home and it was put into the name of US Bank national Association for Sasco Mortgage not Sasco trust keep in mind then when I paid the final bill just yeste
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry, but I do not understand your post or your question.

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