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Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Arizona 9th Circuit Court,

Customer Question

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Arizona 9th Circuit Court, Tucson. I did the forms, used an on-line software, all ready to be filed. In the process of filling out my Waiver for the filing fees I came across some line of questions that got me thinking that maybe I didn't do it right. I am the head of the house, 3 other people (I filed them as dependents) live in my 91 year old mothers house, she owns it. However, I pay some of the bills including the equity line of credit monthly payment of 443.00 against the house. The house is in her name, so it's not declared as mine in the filing even though I put down that I don't "rent." I only put down my own income, so her retirement (240.00) and (exempt) SSI (1350.00) doesn't show up as well. Am I supposed to include everyone's income and/or contributions in my monthly income statements? Would this also include my niece's food stamps? Even though she only uses them for her own needs?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


The income of the persons declaring bankruptcy should be used. You should call that monthly payment to the equity line your "rent" on the paperwork because the trustee will wonder how you are living there for nothing. You live in your mother's house and you pay her rent / room & board money. No, your niece's food stamps do not need to be included in any of the calculations.



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