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mmdesq, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  Attorney with 13 years experience.
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I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy in January of 2014. It was

Customer Question

I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy in January of 2014. It was dismissed in June of 2014. I stop making payments because I couldn't find a place to live. I was told I couldn't rent with an open bankruptcy. Since it has been dismissed, is there anyway I can have the bankruptcy vacated and have it removed from my credit report?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  mmdesq replied 1 year ago.

Good Morning,

I will try to best answer your question.

Unfortunately, the fact that the bankruptcy was Ultimate dismissed does not change the fact that a bankruptcy was filed. I have had clients that I have taken over from other attorneys with this same problem. I'm surprised that Equifax removed the bankruptcy filing, but that is great. The credit bureaus will remove incorrect information. The problem that you face is that the information is technically correct. You did file bankruptcy you just did not receive a discharge. The best I think you can do with the remaining two credit bureaus would be to add statements to report explaining that no discharge of debt was granted by bankruptcy. This is will at least accurately document what occurred and give you an opportunity to explain the situation to future creditors.

I'm sorry there is not a better answer for your problem, but I want to be honest with you. I would pursue adding the statements clarifying the bankruptcy was not discharged to the credit bureaus.

I hope this information and advice is helpful and I wish you the best of luck.