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I've had health insurance 35 years while working for

Customer Question

I've had health insurance for over 35 years while working for the usps, but 6yrs ago I needed surgery and my spine and went to a doctor who was on my network, but he did the surgery in a hospital that wasnt, it was an outpatient surgery and left the same day, my bill from hospital was $32000 doctor bill was $15000. My insurance {blue cross blue shield}who has always paid would only pay $3,200 to hospital and $5000 to the doctor. The doctor had to accept that but the hospital wanted their balance of $28,800. There bill to BCBS wasnt even itemized the first time they sent it to them just $32.000. BCBS sent it back and they later itemized it, the metal piece in my spine they charged me $15000 BCBS told me that wouldnt pay more than $1.500 and so on, even had a room charge of $600 but I did not have a room it was an out patient visit, I filed for a fraudulent claim but nothing never happened and I eventually go sued, they had been garnishing my wages until I recently became disabled and couldnt work anymore, now they are garnishing my wifes check to a sum of $800 a month which has broke us, not only that its been 6 or 7 years now and the collection agency now says we owe $43000. Is bankruptcy our only choice we didnt want to do that we've always paid our bills and have always had insurance, can they charge whatever they want ? example recently was in hospital for over 25 days and had 3 operations the total bill was $39000, I was only at that other hospital for a few hours and was charged $32000 email is***@******.***
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  dylatess replied 2 years ago.
What you have stated is outrageous. Likewise, I hear this all the time. And it will cost you more in attorney fees trying to find this. Therefore, if you qualify, I do recommend that you do file a bankruptcy as this debt will be discharged/wiped out and it is the most cost effective way to proceed. I wish you well.