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Bankruptcy/Attorney: I filed bankruptcy 2012. I signed and

Customer Question

Bankruptcy/Attorney: I filed bankruptcy 2012. I signed and paid attorney special fee's for reaffirmation for my home. Went to court and bankruptcy was discharged. Several months later I went to see credit report to see credit standing, only to find out my home was included and discharged in bankruptcy.
Attorney refused to explain and does not want to discuss. I could not speak to bank these past years because "you have an attorney, home in bankruptcy". Just recently the bankruptcy code was removed allowing me to speak to bank. I am in good standing and have always been with this bank. They advised me to get copy of reaffirmation and they will accept it. I have a copy of reaffirmation agreement, but not with attorney signature. She filled it in but had not signed it when I requested a copy. I asked attorney for copy. She sent me a letter stating she never filed reaffirmation because I did not pay her the $250.00 required thus she never saw the reaffirmation forms, thus she has nothing to copy or give me. Meanwhile, I have copy of reaffirmation receipt and copy of check for the $250.oo. She refuses to see me. I showed these to her assistant but I still got the letter. I need a mediator to help me. I cannot refinance home, the home needs to be on credit report! help please. thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 2 years ago.
Let the attorney know that you will be contacting the CA State Bar to file a grievance and a malpractice hit based upon her faulty legal representation and withholding of client file. At this point the attorney must realize that you are serious and cannot simply ignore you if she intends to continue practicing law.
I hope that helped. Please rate my answer. Otherwise I will receive no credit for my time and efforts. Thank you for your cooperation.