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cortrightlaw, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Satisfied Customers: 513
Experience:  Attorney practicing Bankruptcy Law including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13.
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I am ready to file a personal bankruptcy. I went through paralegal

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I am ready to file a personal bankruptcy. I went through paralegal and he helped me preparing all the documents and I am gong to sign the papers on monday, so they will take it to the court. Two questions that are kind of worrying me.
First, he is saying that I should say that I filled out all the papers by myself (basically lying? even though in reality I was the one who supplied him all the information and he simply filled out the paper and I checked after him).... and that I will go to the court by myself.

Should I sign the papers as I filled out myself?

Will I be better off if I go to bankruptcy lawyer, compared to do it yourself?

My issues are complicated (like I have house, have a business - which has all the loans that I cant pay anymore and that is the main reason I am being forced to go to personal BK (at least that's what this guy is suggesting). I have some lots in Texas worth mabye 10-15K (the title is under my wife's, son's and my name). I sold one business last year and took over 100K from my retirement funds where the money was used to payoff the debts up till May of this year...

Being a tax preparer myself, I know that I can present my customer much better at the IRS, than the customer by him/herself. Is this the case for bankruptcy as well?

Should I sign the papers or go to a lawyer who will represent me (if there is a such a thing). My main issue is that I have already received two letters from lawyers (where the debtors contacted to lawyers and they sent me the letter, but no lawsuits yet).

Please help - thank you so much!

cortrightlaw : You definetly need to go to a bankruptcy attorney due to the complex issues of your case. The paralegal is telling you to lie about preparing the papers yourself because they are highly scrutinized by the bankruptcy trustees as they are only allowed to charge a limited amount around $200 and can give no advice.
cortrightlaw : When the petition has been completed by a paralegal you will draw extra attention and questions from the trustee regarding what they charge you and what they did for you. And they can not give you good legal advice such as a bk attorney will. Additionally the attorney will stand behind his work and appear with you at our 341A hearing.

Are you in Los Angeles Area? Will you be able to refer to a good bankruptcy lawyer that I can go to? What should I tell this guy when he asks me to go and sign the papers?

cortrightlaw : I would tell him no you are going to go to an attorney as long as there is no rush such as a foreclosure or a repo or garnishment to be concerned about. Remember you are signing under penalty of perjury so you don't want to start out by lying about the paralegal. My office is located in Murrieta CA.

Will you be willing to represent me? I am in Granada Hills. I dont know where Murrieta is, but I know it is not that far... maybe 50-60 miles away? How many times to I have to visit to your office before I will be able to sleep again? And finally how much are your typical charges?


I can send you the detailed information going back two years (when the real problem started and as why it started... ) can show you all of the assets and everything that was sold, transfered within last 2 years and where the money went... and where I stand today...

cortrightlaw : Yes I am probably about an hour away feel free to contact me through my office and we can discuss in detail.

and you will be able to come with me to the court and all that correct?


Thank you so much!


I will contact you within next hour or so...

cortrightlaw and other Bankruptcy Law Specialists are ready to help you

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