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cortrightlaw, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  Attorney practicing Bankruptcy Law including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13.
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I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. The trustee abandoned my condo.

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I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. The trustee abandoned my condo. Now someone wants to buy the property from me. How would that work?

cortrightlaw : As long as the trustee abandoned the property and if you have gotten your discharge then you can go ahead and sell the property as normal.
Customer: but who keeps the money ? What about the mortgage?
Customer: I did get my discharge
cortrightlaw : The mortgage remains on the property and must be paid off if you want to sell the property, then if there is any equity left you would be able to keep that amount.
Customer: I owe more than its worth. Could I just pay the lender whatever I do I do that?
cortrightlaw : What you would need to do is get a realtor and do a short sale on the property in order to sell it for less then you owe.
Customer: Could I ask the buyer to pay me a fee? A commission for doing the sale?
Customer: ok. That's helpful. Could I ask for any fees to myself ?
cortrightlaw : Sometimes the realtor can negotiate a small payment to you to help cover your moving costs but not a commission
Customer: An incentive to do the deal. Because the buyer has been asking me for month's to buy it . I could keep it and rent it out (I don't live in it)
cortrightlaw : They are not going to pay you a finders fee for bringing a buyer. They are letting you out of your obligation and saving you a foreclosure by approving the short sale. There are very specific guidelines that the banks and realtors follow on getting a short sale approved.
Customer: No the buyer pay me on the side
cortrightlaw : You would need to check with a realtor on that but I think they require you to disclose any relationship you have with the buyer and I they are giving you anything outside the deal, the banks on the games people play and they have put in procedures to catch people playing those games.
Customer: Ok. So thanks. U answered my questions
cortrightlaw : Good luck hope it works out for you.
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