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My bankruptcy case has been passed from the Lawyer I paid to

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My bankruptcy case has been passed from the Lawyer I paid to another office, due to my original Lawyer becoming terminally ill. I have done all that was asked of me by the original office but that does not seem to be enough for the new office. I was not given my "homework" packet until a week after i had made my final payment and had turned over everything i was filing on.
The new office wants me to fill out the same information that I am told they already have into another packet they have made, and then wait for the assistant who has my case to come back from vacation so they can try to "work me in". In the meantime I am being garnished and being told there's nothing they can do. I have been garnished in an amount that already exceeds what I paid the original office.
The debts i am filing on are actually quite old and i did good to find old statements the first time. I need all of it back if i am to fill out this second request. The packet was sent, not the receipts and old bills etc.
I am frustrated beyond all reason and not sure how to proceed, i have only talked with the second office once and she was very rude and even threw my original lawyers illness in my face, as tho i was being selfish for asking about my case. She kept telling me things were not her fault and they had taken over the cases as the two lawyers involved are friends. But apparently that does not extend to arrangements previously made with the first office.
I have paid $1600 for what i was told was filing and court representation, none of that has happened, am I stuck now with these people? Do I even have any options? If this is the way I'm going to be treated I'd rather find someone else who will at least pretend they care about my case. But I cannot afford to dish out that kind of fee again.
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I am sorry to hear about your difficulties.

You absolutely do not have to settle with this new office. If your wages are being garnished, that is the reason to rush and file your papers so that the garnishments can be stopped. It makes absolutely no sensed for you to pay for bankruptcy Attorney to file your case and you have active garnishment and the Attorney is acting that it is nothing. You need to find another office to take over the case and file the case for you immediately to stop the garnishment. You can even use online document preparers to prepare your bankruptcy case:

You can use the following sites to find local bankruptcy Attorneys:

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So if I fire this new office, will the first one I paid be required to refund my filing fees?


Also sorry if this came thru the first time I asked, Firefox and its settings I'll never get used to everything it blocks.

So if I fire this new office, will the first one I paid be required to refund my filing fees?

Response: Yes. Also, the fees charged by bankruptcy Attorneys to debtors are monitored by the U.S. Trustee's Office. So, if the law office refuses to refund your fees, you should file complaint with the U.S. Trustee's Office of your Region:

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