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I recently filed bankruptcy (Chapter 7) have not been to my

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I recently filed bankruptcy (Chapter 7) have not been to my meeting of creditors as of yet, but have started to get "writ of garnishment of property issued". Does this mean creditors can go in and just TAKE my money (business & personal) even while in the middle of bankruptcy? They should have all recieved notice by now, or will within the next day or two. Thank you.


Hi, I will be happy to assist you, and it is my goal to make you a very satisfied customer! This may take a few minutes, so thanks for your patience.


Once you file a petition for bankruptcy, there is an automatic stay of collection activities. The creditors are violating the stay if they are still taking actions to garnish your wages, so you should immediately notify your attorney. You should also immediately send a copy of the bankruptcy petition to the creditor just in case they haven't received it -- they should then no without a doubt that they cannot be taking collection activity against you.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX a call in to my attorney now... So once they recieve it (if they have not already) they cannot just go into my accounts due to the 'stay' sorry to be repetitive, just want to clarify while I am awaiting a return call from my attorney.