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i tried to file for bankrupcy about 5 years ago

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i tried to file for bankrupcy about 5 years ago in Wisconsin. I found a cheap place in Green Bay and talked it over with an attorney. We agreed on chapter 13. The next day i changed my mind and wanted to file chap. 7 . When i tried to talk to the same person, the "company" gave me somebody in Chicago, then in New York. I was upset enough to demand my money back and got it. I didn`t file for bankruptcy at all. I still lost everything and just walked away and have been traveling the country finding work here and there. I`m in Oregon and my question is, is it too late to file for chap 7 bankruptcy? Also can i do it from Oregon? Is there a non profit group that will help me?

Good Morning:

Yes, you can still file bankruptcy. You will need to determine how far your creditors have proceeded in the past 5 years. Some of them may have obtain judgments against you that would need to be resolved in the bankruptcy. There is a separate process for removing judgments if necessary as part of the underlying bankruptcy. If you have resided in Oregon for more than 6 months you should be able to file in that jurisdiction.

To locate pro bono services for the bankruptcy you should contact your local/county bar association as they will have all information for referral on pro bono services. The local bar association will be in the phone book and on the internet.

I hope this was helpful. Good Luck!
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