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I am in Illinois, already in Bankruptcy and on the payment

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I am in Illinois, already in Bankruptcy and on the payment plan for 5 years. We are making extra payment to the trustee for our attorney mis figuring the payment plan. This has left us unable to pay bills including insurance house payment ect. We are in 6 month of 8 payments on this.
Question is can my in laws make us a loan to help out with this situation, we would not be able to make payments on the loan till our 5 years is up so I was thinking a balloon type payment due on 12/16?
I am most likely switching jobs this year so we will have to get our payment plan changed for that, been told we can only redo that one time.

Thanks a bit long there..
Well, you can file modified plans as many times as your circumstances change, per 11 USC §1329. But, in order to borrow money from anyone, you need to get court approval in advance for that. Your attorney would have to file a motion disclosing the terms of the loan and you might have to appear in Court and explain it to the Judge. Good luck!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks will try to get ahold of my attorney, they closed the local office and it's a pain to get any help from their paralegal they have now. The one before was super helpful.

Thanks again I licked a smiley face also. Randy

OK. I'm glad you're satisfied. The system doesn't reflect that you've completed the rating/payment process, however.
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