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Relative to you telling me that my buddy would not list the

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Relative to you telling me that my buddy would not list the lender as a creditor since he is not on the loan, you said to still list the house as an asset in the 13 since he is now on title, but we find no place to do so. They ask you list your total assets
by value, but where is he able to note the house in particular? I was thinking there would be a space where he'd write in the address or legal description, but do not find such on the forms. He is concerned about being protected if not listing the creditor
and not listing the house address.
Hi - you list real property (real estate) on Schedule A. Here's a link that outlines how to fill out the forms:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I guess that's one of those forms not immediately needed when filing a "bare bones" petition! ;) I'm a real estate investor and unfortunately have had to file a handful of 13's in recent years in effort to save my properties, and always file the bare minimum of forms required, and quickly dismiss.
They are now joint tenants, so I assume that is what he puts under the "Nature of Debtor's interest in property" column; then "J"; then the estimated gross value; then the amount of his wife's loan?
And in the vein of this filing being as bare bones as possible, is this schedule A alone sufficient to get the house listed/protected when he files in the morning, or does he need to include any other forms in that support?
Properly filling out schedule A should be the only thing necessary in order to claim his interest in the real estate. There may be a need to establish proof of ownership later, but initially this should be it.
Also, if the filing is deficient, the clerk's office will usually issue a notice outlining what needs to be fixed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Am I correct in what I guessed he should put in each column?
It's against the terms of service for me to tell you how to fill out the forms - - I can't do that, unfortunately. All I can advise is that you fill the form out as directed at the top of Schedule A:
That said, it sounds like you're on the right track.
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