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Category: Bankruptcy Law
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I removed myself as authorized user on my husbands charge cards,

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I removed myself as authorized user on my husbands charge cards, my score went up, but the information of his 4 cards are still on my credit report. I research and found that since I am only an authorized user that this can be removed from my credit report, his high balances, his late pmts, as he is filing bk, is there a form letter I can send to the 3 credit agencies, as well as the credit card companies. We have on joint card, should I pay it off before the bk, close it, what can I do so it will not hit my credit report?


Hello I am a licensed attorney here to help you with your question, please review my response and do not hesitate to ask for clarificati on


This is a complicated issue, if you were a co signor on the debt, the credit agencies would report that you have the balances and the late payments, if you are not on the credit cards, and only an authorized user, you can contact the credit bureaus, and notify them of the matter, and they will not report them on your credit.


If he files bankruptcy, only his debts would be discharged, you would still be liable for the credit cards in your name, or the ones you co signed for.


I would consider paying them off, after his bankruptcy, you can even contact them after his filing and ask them to accept a 20-30% settlement,


You can go to the link above for sample letters to send to creditors and credit agencies,


I can pay it now, however since we are divorcing in Florida I found that he will be responsible for half of the marital debt , if I did not pay it off, and when he files bk, how will that affect my credit when I continue to make the payment on time. He is unable to obtain a card on this account as I have it blocked with a password. I would like to use this money towards other debt, when he files and I go back and ask them to accept 20-30%, will that not affect my credit score as a write off? The credit card company says to open another card with them and transfer the balance, but I have 3 medical collections he will have to pay half on, and those need to be addressed, and perhaps they will accept less. Where is the best place to put it? The amount of debt is about 14k at the time of separation, and I can pay my 7k now as we go through the process, and sell the auto/truck towards his half.

His bankruptcy would have no bearing on your credit, if you do settle, they can charge off the amount, or list the debts a settled, which may not hurt you.

You can ask them to report it that way.
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