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L. Morgan
L. Morgan, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  I am a licensed attorney with more than 30 years experience representing individuals in bankruptcy cases.
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Mr. MacEsq: I was thinking, with me filing bankruptcy, should

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Mr. MacEsq: I was thinking, with me filing bankruptcy, should I ever get re-married in the future, will my filing affect my spouses credit in any way? Would he take on the bankruptcy with me since the filing lasts for 10 years or since it's strickly in my name would it affect him at all? I am just trying to think ahead but am totally lost on this subject. Thank you.

L. Morgan :

Hi, I'm a bankruptcy attorney with many years experience. I'll try to answer your question. The fact that you have filed a bankruptcy case should have no impact on your future spouse's credit, unless he/she is a cosignor on one of the debts you listed in your bankruptcy. Other than that, he/she should be unaffected by your bankruptcy. Of course, if you try to get credit in both names, like many home mortgages are done, your low credit rating could impact that transaction. So, as soon as your bankruptcy is completed, you should start working on rebuilding your credit. Check into getting a secured credit card, and use it very carefully. This can help start rebuilding a positive credit history.

L. Morgan :

Best of luck.

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