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L. Morgan
L. Morgan, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  I am a licensed attorney with more than 30 years experience representing individuals in bankruptcy cases.
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I need a US bankruptcy lawyer with experience handling Canadian

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I need a US bankruptcy lawyer with experience handling Canadian income tax debts.

A Canadian citizen, now US resident is interested in chapter 7 to eliminate Canadian income tax debts.

The question is whether Canadian income tax debts are required to meet the same criteria as US income tax debts, relating to the debt being at least three years old and returns were filed at least two years before one can claim.

L. Morgan : Hi, My name is Lee. I'm a bankruptcy attorney with many years experience.
L. Morgan : Section 523 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code governs the dischargeability of taxes. Generally, taxes on income owed to a "governmental unit" are not dischargeable unless they are for a taxable year for which a return was due more than three years before the filing of the bankruptcy case, and certain other requirements are met. Governmental unit is defined in Section 101 as including a foreign state. So, in order to discharge income taxes owed to another Country, you must meet the same dischargeability requirements as you would for U.S. taxes. You may want to consider talking to a bankruptcy attorney about filing a Chapter 13 case. Under Chapter 13, you may be able to repay the taxes, without future interest, while discharging other unsecured debts like credit cards and medical bills.
L. Morgan : I hope this helps.
L. Morgan : Be sure to get advice from a qualified bankruptcy attorney regarding your specific situation before proceeding Bankruptcy is too complicated and difficult to go it alone.
L. Morgan : Best of luck.
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