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A.J., Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  Experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney.
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Im filing for bankruptcy because we lost everything 3 yrs

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I'm filing for bankruptcy because we lost everything 3 yrs ago. Presently, My husband is the only one working. We r not filing joint with the bankruptcy, just myself.. As far as assets all gone , even jewelries. We have two cars that's been paid off but under my husbands name. I'm having trouble answering questions on the debt counsel (unsecured debt payments). For one I can remember 5 credit cards that already went to collection couldn't pay it at all , and I probably have more with large balances. How do I answer questions on credit card payment #1-#10?, and unsecured debt part #1, part #2, and as the questions move on I have no bank account we close it about 2 yrs ago, the IRS was taking every cent we had in the bank.

SavyLawyer :

Hello, and thank you for contacting Just Answer. My name isXXXXX am a bankruptcy law professional, and I look forward to answering your questions this evening.

SavyLawyer :

Just so I understand your question a little bit better, are you asking how you can find all of your outstanding credit card debts? I cannot tell you specifically how to answer questions, as that would be providing direct legal advice, and this site is an informational site only, but I would be happy to help you in figuring out how to find information so that you can answer questions on the mandatory credit counseling accurately. I just need a little bit more information about what, exactly, you do not know how to answer.

SavyLawyer :

So, what information, specifically, do you need help in finding?

Customer: Credit card payment #1 - #10 are they referring to all credit cards I had or currently paying ? Because I have not made a payment for over 2 years . And below that question it's asking unsecured debt pmt #1-pmt#5? I don't understand ?
SavyLawyer :

I see. Basically, questions are answered as asked. So, for example, if the question is list all credit card payments, you would list all credit card payments you are currently making. However, if the question is to list all outstanding credit card debts, you would then want to list all debts owed, regardless of whether or not you are still paying them. Generally, for credit counseling, if there is any doubt, it is better to er on the side of listing too many debts.

Customer: My husband is the one that has student loans we r paying, but we r not filing joint with the vankcruptcy?
SavyLawyer :

If, however, the wording of a question does not make sense, you can ask the company through whom you are taking the "course" what, exactly, is the information they are looking for, that should be allowed.

SavyLawyer :

Then that debt would not be included in the bankruptcy. Further, unless the debt is in your name, it is not listed as an unsecured debt for which you are responsible.

SavyLawyer :

This is because you are not legally responsible for any debts on which your name does not in some way appear, or that you did not in some way agree to pay.

Customer: I can ask the company ( the website) to help with that particular question and they will help... I didn't know that, thank you
Customer: Thank you
SavyLawyer :

You are welcome. While they cannot tell you how to answer, they can tell you specifically what information they are looking for, and they should be willing to work with you, as these are not supposed to be "tests" so much as a "course" that you take prior to filing, to make sure that bankruptcy is the best approach to resolving debt.

SavyLawyer :

You are very welcome. Let me know if you have any additional questions or need clarification of anything. Otherwise, please remember to RATE my answer positively so that I can receive credit for my work.

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