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Bankruptcy My parents are in their 80s and own two homes.

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My parents are in their 80's and own two homes. One of the homes is in Chapter 7 and the attorney they have withdrew. The other house they have Me and my husband live in with my kids and have been dealing with several banks and having trouble because it is in foreclosure.Now their is a sheriff auction this week on this home and me and my will not have enough time to get the loan process going to buy this home we are living in. Could my parents file bankruptcy on this house and what advice can they do with the other house that the attorney withdrew on. This house has more equility in it that the previous attorney had.I know if I talk to the bank that the sheriffs action is on there is no guartee that they will stop this sheriff sale.I have to move fast. Please let me know on this.

Thank You

Paul K, Esq. : Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I would love to assist you. Give me a moment to research your issue and I will answer promptly.
Paul K, Esq. : Are they presently still in Bankruptcy? If so, they unfortunately cannot refile as they are already in a case. IF their case ended, they could file a Chapter 13 BK, even if they just did a Ch 7, and it will stop the sale and allow you to save the home.
Paul K, Esq. : It is a tough situation, I understand. They could maybe try to file, even improperly, just to stop the sale temporarily to buy you more time.
Paul K, Esq. : Feel free to respond so that we can get to the heart of your answer. Sometimes it takes some back and forth to get your answer completely correct, so be patient and post back to me throughout the weekend to clarify.
Paul K, Esq. : Be sure to provide a positive rating so that we both get credit for our session and have a great weekend!!!

Thank you for getting back to me. One house I believe the attorney is going to withdrawal.But the house I lived in that my parents own is having a sheriffs auction this week and me and my husband are in the process to buy this home,but do not have much time could my parents file bankruptcy on this home going to sheriff sale? please let me know.



Paul K, Esq. :

So if they are not already in a bankruptcy right now, then Yes. They can do a Chapter 23 to save the home! Good luck and be sure to let me know if there is anything else. Also don't forget to provide a positive ratings for us. Have a great weekend!!!

Paul K, Esq. :

Sorry mistyped chapter 13 is what can save your home.


What is a chapter 23? The one house the attorney withdrew ther bankruptcy. The other house that me and my husband want to buy can my parents file bankrupty on that and what about the other house they own what to do if they already file bankuptcy and the attorney withdrew can they also do bankruptcy again that the attorney withdrew?

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