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John A. Flynn, Esq.
John A. Flynn, Esq., Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Hello; I just agot a notice of adversery proceeding in FL.

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I just agot a notice of adversery proceeding in FL.
I'm planning on fighting it, the question that I have for you, in case if I lost the proceeding, can I ask the judge to make a payment plan. Please advise
No, the judge generally is not going to get involved in how you satisfy any judgment other than to enter orders possibly assisting the plaintiff in enforcement. You would want to speak with the attorney for the Plaintiff in terms of negotiating any sort of payment plan. My best advice, however, is for you to consult with bankruptcy counsel in your local area about possibly defending you. They will let you know if you stand a chance or if you should negotiate a settlement. Good luck!
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